Adelphi Retirement Management, LLC, is dedicated to helping owners of businesses and investment properties to defer their capital gains taxes when selling utilizing Internal Revenue Service tax code Section 1031. No matter what you are hoping to exchange, our team of professionals is equipped to facilitate your 1031 exchange needs. We help people with all of the following types of exchanges such as Delayed, Construction and Reverse.

In addition, we also manage and administered Self-directed IRA accounts nationwide. A self-directed IRA account enables investors to purchase alternative investments inside their IRA or old 401K plan without penalties, Custodian delays or transaction fees. Our Self-directed IRA plan makes your retirement investing quick, easy and convenient when you invest in non-traditional investments, such as: real estate, mortgage notes, private notes, account receivables or businesses to name a few.

If you want to keep your hard-earned equity working for you, compounding and building your wealth call us today to find out how you can defer the tax and MAXIMIZE your gain on the sale of your investments utilizing a 1031 exchange or take control of your retirement account through a Self-directed IRA account!

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